Broken Mirrors sounds awesome. Vocals are kinda meh tbh.
And you can't spell funeral
without fun
hope you had a good time
cuz now your life is done
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I think my well known love of Turn it Around shines through in some of these songs.
I think you're right there.

Not too bad at all, I agree with the comment on the vocals but I think musically it's pretty enjoyable.
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Good stuff. I expect you to be in Perth next year, just like you promised.

Haha I maybe should said *offer applies to continental United States only!* We're hitting the east coast this winter and west coast/midwest next summer. We're also in the process of booking a quick four day mini-tour for this July.

As for the vocals, people either love them or hate them. I view it as a very Brother's Keeper type thing in that sense.

Thanks for checking it out dudes!
I'm surprised to say I like it. Some compliments/complaints as everyone else. Stoked to see where this band will go in the future.