So my mom is going half and half with me on my next guitar so i decided i want an SG or a Les Paul but i don't know which one to get. Another problem is i don't know which sg or lp i want so suggestions on that would help too i want somthing i can play blues, classical, and classic rock on so any suggestions would help (don't worry about price not getting it anytime soon)
Well although not completely similar they do give you a relatively similar tone so i would say SG because of the lower weight and upper fret access. But my opinion might not be worth so much since i have never owned either only played on occasions.
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I myself have never owned an SG but I did own one "The Paul" which was a very nice flat mahogany slab body and neck with an ebony fingerboard. I also had an Epiphone LP Custom that, aside from the weight and not staying in tune, was a sweet ax.
I would say get a LP standard, nothing less. Either standard, custom or elitist which might be out of your budget. The standard and custom are incredible quality guitars. Anything under them is a big step down in quality in my opinion. Between those 2 are only cosmetic differences. So get whichever one you like the looks of more. Block inlays or trapezoidal. Gold or stainless steal. If you go with the standard you can get the plain top for $450 brand new. Flame top's are $100 more, and the customs are about $100 more then the standard.

If you get a Epi LP standard you will be happy they are great. Good luck.
Epiphone Elitist Les Paul $1150

ive owned a Gibson SG Standard, loved it but its no Les Paul. the SG is very comfortable, light and sounds awesome but the Les Pauls sound is 2nd to none, imo.

and the Elitist can hang with just about any non-custom shop Gibson Les Paul

heres a review of the Goldtop Elitist


and heres a video review of the Faded Cherry too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxBNQHj4D-A

im saving to get one. heres the Faded Cherry, which is the one i want

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get the les paul if you want blues and classical
and SGs are also VERY good guitars but i don't think it's the right one for the sound you want
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i'd go for the Les Paul
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