For a quick background - I purchased a Squier by Fender SD-6 Acoustic Guitar stater pack around a year ago for $99 and would now like to buy a more expensive guitar.

I want to stick with acoustic and have around $250 to spend. I don't know a great deal about good guitar makes so some advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
save more money....no sense in money another ****ty guitar...for acoustics...look for something with a solid top and if possible solid back...can get a good one for 400-600
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yamaha fg700s or fg730s
takamine gs330c
atleast make your budget 300 before tax
and ull get a good decent guitar but maybe spend a lil more and get a seagull s6 which is very nice if u like the neck shape and nut width
you can definitely get a good guitar for $300. My Art & Lutherie is still a joy to play, even though i have a much better and more expensive guitar now.
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I agree with the other posters, save the extra $50 and you'll have a LOT more good options (see the under $300 thread at the top of the forum). If you absolutely can't wait, Yamaha has some solid top models that won't let you down.

Punkable Tabs, where on earth have you seen a Breedlove or Takamine for less than $250??? I want to shop where you shop!