I heard warm sake with sushi is quite amazing.
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i've seen my grandpa drink it before, not totally sure what it is though...
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Never had branded stuff, I've only ever drunk home-made stuff in Borneo, damn nice though
Tried it recently,, it was nice.
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Tried it recently,, it was nice.

That's the reason I'm really drunk.........four bottles now
I love sake, got a couple bottles at christmas. what kind of sake do you have? I like the unfiltered(whitish) more than filtered (clear), but both are good.
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I love that stuff. saw the biggest bottle of it i had ever seen last weekend.
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I had some on friday in a Japanese restaurant. It doesn't taste of anything much but it feels pleasant in your stomach and chest when it's warm.
gah, had some a while ago, i hate it.
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