Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer vs Polyurethane finishes

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Nitro is more flammable and, judging by the '70s Fenders, wears after some years. Poly is used more now, and Nitro is more of a vintage-style finish. I think Gibson uses a whole load of Nitro on their instruments.
Nitro allows the guitar to breath, though it can fade, it sounds better after time. Poly makes a shell, it doesn't fade, but it doesn't allow the wood to breath.
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gibson does not use a WHOLE LOAD of nitro, they use the thinnest amount molecularly possible. they put a chemical on the surface of the guitar that attracts finish, then they hang the guitar on a belt, the belt takes the guitar, it puts it into a small chamber, sprays a small amount of lacquer, it adheres to the chemical on the guitar, boom its done.

polyurethane is plastic, it will make your guitar look like a new car. a son of a bitch to repair, fairly easy to work with, sucks balls if you get a run/drip/spit though, alot of sanding.

lacquer is...lacquer, it will make your guitar look like an instrument... its difficult to work with initially, but much easier to repair