Hey ok i have a ampeg svt 4 head and an ampeg 8x10 which work great when i'm running the mono bridged but i pulled out my old cab which is a hartke 8x10 and i'm trying to run them both at the same time and having a hard time i'm running them both speakon to 1/4 inch and in the stereo mode but no matter what channels they are hooked into the hartke is the only one working any clues?
I'm thinking impedence issues
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I'm thinking impedence issues

its definately that. I've yet to see an 8x10 that's designed to run as a 2nd cab... they're all designed to work alone.
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thanks guys i was planning on just getting another ampeg 8x10 anyway looks like i'll just need another head or something has anyone tried running stereo to the top and bottom of the ampeg 8x10? is the difference worth it?