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21 36%
Les Paul
38 64%
Voters: 59.
im going to be buying an epiphone fire bird or a les paul and i cant decide, my budget is $1000 which is the better buy?
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Umm, I personally like les pauls, but for a thousand dollars, cant you just get a Gibson?
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Umm, I personally like les pauls, but for a thousand dollars, cant you just get a Gibson?

i could get a gibson firebird or a les paul for $1000 bucks why the hell wasnt i told
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i could get a gibson firebird or a les paul for $1000 bucks why the hell wasnt i told

Because Gibson Firebirds are like $1800, and Gibson LPs below $1000 aren't all that great.
Go for Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top or Elitist Les Paul or the Les Paul Ultra II. i never liked Firebirds, so i'm voting for Les Paul
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I played the Epi FB, and it's a nice guitar, but the thing just feels awkward in your arms. Personally, I'd never buy one, but the LPs are great.
I voted Firebird, just because I love the feel to them. Though I like the basses more.
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for $1000 you could get both (I think). I've got a Les Paul and like it very much, but I've always liked Firebirds too... You could look for a Epi Les Paul custom, they are gorgeous
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I have 2 Les Pauls myself and I'm sure mostly everyone else does so I voted for the Firebird which is not an everyday thing like a Strat or Les Paul
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just buy both lol
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I personally prefer Les Pauls. Thicker, warmer tone, awesome sustain. However, I played a Firebird a while ago, and loved the neck on it, and the pickups were decent too. upper fret access was awesome. And it had some tuners on it which were fantastic. Like, they seemed to be better than my Grovers.
Epiphone Elitist Les Paul. It's $150 more, but it's MIJ.
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Get an Elitelist Epi LP.
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Firebird, and mod it with the extra money. Otherwise, get a Les Paul Custom Plus from Sam Ash or Sweetwater.

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Firebird, there is something about the Epi Les Pauls that I just hate, I think it's the pickups, they have nowhere near the bite that the ones in even the cheap Gibson LPs do.
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Or If you would like.. save a little for a Standard Gib Sg, or buy a Faded Sg? It's different from the two you mentioned but I'm just throwing it out there if you'd like.
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I've never REALLY liked firebirds.

Edit: So I'd say the Les Paul. But what kind?

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Firebird all the way,and if you want you can go on ebay or somthin and get a V or VII with the mini hbs