I am a fan of led zeppelin and i like the sound of the song remains the same movie. I was wondering what rig he used for the movie. thx
that's a bunch of different shows isn't it?
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Quote by Sam_Prillaman
that's a bunch of different shows isn't it?

no its just madison square garden shows
You should of posted this down in GG&A or in the Zeppelin thread..
Anyways by the '73 MSG shows he had already moved into the Marshall setup fulltime.

Quick overview of the MSG setup..
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Marshall Superleads - this where the majority of that tone is based. Whether the heads were still stock at this point or already modded is up for debate. There isn't any really definite info on it. Considering rumors of an amp tech he worked with, it's likely they were modded.

There's a shitload of JP gear threads I posted a lot of info in, try searching for a few.

EDIT: here are two rather informative threads.. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=473098&highlight=zeppelin
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