After my baseball game, I decided to flip on the boob tube. I saw some classy boring HBO porn. HBO porn is the best porn because it is so classy that you can't even tell it's porn any more. And half the time it isn't porn at all. You have like a 50/50 chance. But anyway, I decided to pass on that. And then I saw a movie that reminded me of Michael J. Fox when he wasn't all Parkinson diseased.

Poor guy. Cant believe some asshole accused him of not having it. Oh. Right. It was Bill O'Reilly. To hell with that asshole

I think you know what that means. Anyways that is a really cool movie. Flux Capacitor is crazy cool. The movie also reminded me of Christopher Lloyd.

Whatever happened to him? He was a in a **** load of kids movies then he disappeared from the face of the planet. I think he was Lector in the Addams Family. He was so cool. Oh well. He might even be dead. Anyways that movie is incest crazy. It t'was in the Vicinity of Obscenity.

So Prom was a couple of days ago. And while I was mentally kicking ass in my random knowledge banks in wikipedia i discovered a counterculture term.
You ready?


Its prom backwards. Apparently its when a group of rebels start an anti-prom and do nothing. They have been around for years. If you aren't going to prom you should start one. Don't know how?

Go here:


Anyways, i have to take the SAT's on Saturday. ****. Well. T'will suck.

Wish me luck pit monkeys.
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I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Quote by British Josh
After my baseball game, I decided to flip on the boob tube.
Why were you wearing womens clothing?
sorry about the picky-ness, but lloyd played fester in addams family.
"A love pirate ? I am no love pirate. What do they mean by that ?"
Actually, it was Limbaugh that accused Michael J. Fox of "faking it," not O'Reilly.

EDIT: I read the article on morp, and it sounds like a pretty cool idea. I'd do it just for a playlist that isn't catered to popular tastes. After the absurd volumes our DJ seemed to favor (I had to wear earplugs for almost all of the night), the music selection was my primary source of dissatisfaction with our prom.
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It's good to have a thread that is different around here. I agree, it really sucks that Micheal J. Fox got Parkinson's disease, he was ace in Back to The Future.
I didn't really understand the point of the thread, but I'm taking the SAT Saturday as well. It's going to be terribly fun...
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Um..............................good job? I dont know what the hell you're trying to say TS, I'm sorry

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My friend is taking the SATs on Saturday, so she can't come to a big party this friday.
Random. but I laugh at her for not being able to come.