Ok i know im new to this site, but i really needed a place which could help me with my improv. My improv is aimed mostly towards a satch kind of a feel, and i just started improvising a month ago. I just need tips on how to get better at making melodys from the modes, which modes are best for a little shred sequence, etc. please, no answers like learn the modes (which i have), learn the mode/scale all over the fretboard, and practice. Every time i try to improvise, im just too disgraced by what i've already made, and then i don't continue with that improv/ chop. I start a new one everytime that happens. Help?
Just because you memorized a few things, doesn't mean things come together
right away. Especially after only a month.

Get a good tab book with rhythm notated. Learn some solos. Learn how to read
the rhythms and count it out exactly. If the book analyses the solo wrt to
scales, even better.

Work on scale studies in all positions of the neck. Ascending and descending the
diatonic intervals (all of them) is a good place to start. Arpeggio triads too.

Just some ideas to start. Mostly you just need time and apply learning things from
different angles until it starts to come together.
Improvisation is hard to learn because it's supposed to come from the heart. Since you already know the scales and everything, the best thing you can do is experiment and take bits from solos already out there. Get inspired by certain artists, see how they solo. Take those techniques and apply them to yourself. Get into the music and just feel the notes as you play them. That might sound vague but give it a try.
Portugal. The Man »–
Listen to a lot of Satch.

You'll notice most of Joe's melody parts arn't too difficult to play.
They have questions and answers phrasing to them.

I read somewhere he said the solos are just extentions of the main

Using the axis pitch system. I think he said look for the simularities
of the modes. He didn't use the term cooking..lol but i think the general
idea is to experiment with whatever modes or scales you want to
mix. As he said, sometimes it'll take him weeks to months to settle
on a certain part of a song.

Have you learn the modes to the minor scales system ?
Mixolydian b6...and stuff like that.

I think he listened to alot of hendrix

I wrote this trying to immulate Joe.
The backing dosn't have any movement.
I kept it simple
The excercise was to use question and answer phrasing and being able
to color different phasing over one chord or tone center and applying
little simple tech such as simple sliding of notes.
If i can't get different sounds out of one scale or mode..then I'm going
to have a heck of a time mixing it
You have to start somewhere.
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Don't worry if you don't like you solo after one month of hard work. If you really want to play well you'll do it. Take a small bit and learn it well, then take another one. After a while you'll notice the change. Here's a nice place to start: http://bopland.org/find-lick.html