Hey i have a fender sp-10 with distortion. I noticed that it was making some poppy/clicky noises at random, even if i wasnt playing. Everything is plugged in find no wires were taunt. What could be causing this? Can i fix it?
check the output jack of the guitar - is it loose?
check the input jack of the amp - is it loose? Does it look damaged at all?
try using a new cable - bad cables can cause this
try plugging into a different guitar, to test if there's something funky going on with the guitar
if it is still popping and clicking with a different guitar and a different patch cord, you should probably send your amp into the shop

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There's no way im going to send a >$30 amp to the shop. If i can't fix, it, this will be my excuse to get my parents to pay for some of my gear.
It was most likely your cable. This happens to me alot. If you have another one, just plug it in and see if it happens. It might be your inputs too. So make sure they are pretty tight.
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check for loose/broken parts

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