I've had the opportunity to toy with one of these several times in the past, and always thought it was quite amazing (not to mention sexy as hell).

And it's come to that point in my musical life where I think it might be necessary to acquire a guitar. This is one of only a few I've played in recent years that actually sounded amazing to me, but I can't justify the price tag (then again, anything costing upwards of $300-400 is hard for me to justify, regardless of what it is. Money isn't easy to come by!).

The only other guitar I've played recently that also sounded good was an ESP Viper 400. But I don't know much about that one aside from it being a tad cheaper.

Would anyone recommend the Menace? Is there anything else I should look into before finalizing this decision?

And is there anything the Menace is notoriously bad for, be it a manufacturing defect, a certain style of music, or whatever?

Thanks in advance to anyone that answers!
ESPs are super great quality for reasonable prices

you could consider that one

what kind of music do u wanna play with it?