Hi there
let me know what you guys think of my new band video, Todd Cecil with Slidesong
Had to put some nudity in it to tell the story.....hope it doesn't offend
Here is the link

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good call warning about the slight nudity. on UG thatll get you umpteenthousand hits :P
Is kind of a double edge sword though....sometimes gets you banned from alot of places.....we had to edit this thing way way down and still getting flagged on some sites......but am proud of the finished product!!!!
yea, the video looked really pro btw. you can tell you guys didnt rush this thing out of you. if not for the nudity i could see this being aired on local television music networks during their less pop/emo/rap oriented programming :P
Thanks man...cool of you to say......I hope that doesn't mean we need to edit it down more....although that might be the case
if your planning on sending it out to stations just blur her chest out, no need to edit it down more
cool.....will see if I can figure out how to do that on the simple editing program we did it on....T
I don't think the nudity was offensive in the least. Dig the song too.
Unfortunatly if you plan to go mainstream, more editing will be a must. Stupid censorship!
Well done though, I think it is beautiful.
i remember seeing a video for an REM song that was just like 3 dancing topless chicks, and on tv they just black-bar'd 'em. if you dont know how to do it yourself im sure you can find video editing forums filled with people that do
That is a great idea man...thanks...wonder why something simple like that didn't occur to me.....although today we are going to post another on our music site with those two scenes out of there and just replace them with others......sucks but might be easiest way....but i think this version is oiur finished product.....
Cool of you to say man.....sometimes folks don't say much about the tune when there is vid