I have between $200 and $400 to spend on recording stuff. What multitrack, USB-output recorder should I get? I already have a mic, but I need drum mics and ports for drum mics.
Are you looking for a stand-alone unit, or are you looking at recording onto your comp?
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yea recorder or interface?

If you are tracking drums, I suggest looking or a PreSonus FP10 firewire interface.
most USB interfaces will only mix your mics into a stereo track so you cant adjust EQ on your drums well enough...(which IMO is very important).
If you got a USB mixer, you'll probably have some EQ ability. Still, going with Firewire's best since separate tracks will let you EQ and pan after the fact, giving you good control of the sound.

FP10 or its predecessor the Firepod should fit your budget. There's also this.
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