I'm having trouble choosing between the two. Right now I'm promoting shows to make a living and managing an up-and-coming band. I really want to play in a band and manage two or three others, but it never seems to work out. Every band I've played in has failed before even playing one show. I don't know if I should give up on trying to find a band and just do business instead (which is working out amazingly well).

Ask yourself this:

Are you fat/chubby?
Are you balding?
Are you willing to leech off another band to make money?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, sounds like managing would be the perfect job for yoooouuuu!!
Do you go to a music school?
If not, maybe enrol in one, that way musicians you meet will most likely be good, and willing to invest time into the band too.

It's really your choice, though. Do something you really want to do.
hmmm....you can manage bands yet when you play in one they fail? bad luck man, especailly because sounds like you've got a head on your shoulders to take a band somewhere. make sure you guys (a band) can be friends first, otherwise it will never work
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It can be just as big of a problem if you get along too well with your bandmates. No music gets written if all you ever do is play video games and argue over whether turbochargers or superchargers are superior.
remove the / between the words and ta-daa you got yourself a future.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
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