Ok guys I started sanding on my cream strat body the other day and everything was going great til I got to the sides,the horns,and the indention on the back! I got most of the sides off but I cant get the edges of the sides, and the insides of the horns. Is there an easier way of getting these parts done without tryng to get my hand in there and sand? And I looked at alot of tutortials that said I could use stripper but for some reason the stripper never really worked!! At first I left it on for an hour, then 3, then finally I left it on over night and it never really worked like all the tutorials said where I could just scrape it off.....

Now that I got the clear coat off everything would the stripper have more of an effect or would it not be good to apply the stripper because alot of it would be directly on the wood already showing? Any ideas or suggestions would help out greatly. I thought repainting it would be the hard part but with the way its going im never going to get it ready for paint.
Um...sandin it by hand is the best way. It takes forever, but it gets it done right. Definitely easiest.
Ok, what grit should I be using? I think I messed up and used 80 grit when I started out and I dont think I need something that rough for the rest of the job.
BE CAREFUL on the edges and corners! The finish is usually thinnest on these spots and you can sand through easily if you are not careful. For what you are doing, I'd stick with 250-400 and then follow-up with 1200 before you refinish.

And remember! You can always easily take off more, adding it back is a little more difficult....remember this!

When i sanded down down my bass wrapped some sand paper round a deodorant can to sand the inside of the horns, it worked a treat!