So Last night I drank a good gallon and a half of water before I went to bed. Lord knows why. Anyway, I'll present the situation.

I comfortably snug myself into bed lying on my back, listening to my ipod. My cat was lying next to me, so I did not want to roll over during the night. I wake up about 6:30 having to go to the bathroom really badly. I however feel somewhat sweaty. It is the same feeling when you're in Louisiana in late June when bugs are dying before you, and humidity is somewhere around 10000%. Yet I feel this only from the area of my knees to my mid stomach. I immediately assume I... wet the bed. Since this has not happened in the last seven years, I was astonished. So I went to the bathroom, urinated, and returned to my room. I changed my clothes and decided to investigate. Since my cat used to enjoy peeing in every corner, hall, and stretch of carpet he could find, my mother bought a urine detector contraption, a blacklight. I scanned, my bed; no trace of urine. I waved the stick over my pants, still no urine. It did not smell like piss, it appears not to be piss, but it sort of felt like it.

My question: What did I wake up covered in?
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Or cat jizz.

I would think so, but jizz also turns up in the light, and there was way to freaking much of this stuff.

Or i've been grossly underestimating my cat.
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hai harry!!

and i agree... whatever ectoplasm is...

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This new fangled thing called sweat.
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sweat. or, if theres so much of it, one of your family members poured water over as a prank. and it succeeded, apparently.
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It's possible that your pelvic muscles were contracted holding the urine in, and this exertion caused you to sweat profusely in that area.

I have absolutely no scientific evidince to back up that theory though, and it could be completely wrong.
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Um...maybe it's jus sweat. Sometimes you jus sweat in the areas that are hottest. Like you said, it's from your knees to your midstomach. Well, I often sweat find I've sweat there when I wake up, especially if I drink water or other liquid before sleepin.
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This new fangled thing called sweat.

The hell is that?!

Naw yeah you were sweaty dude
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hai harry!!

and i agree... whatever ectoplasm is...

Hai der!

Oh, and ectoplasm is like ghost... uh... stuff.
Well, you said that it was hot outside, and it was very humid, and you were underneath a blanket.

Yeah, I'm going with whoever said the cat jizzed on him.
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it was blood o_0

p.s. so hang on, you thought u pissed ureself and the first thing you do is....tell some-one else????
or maybe your intestines exploded and what you felt was the sensation of water inside your body under your skin!
maybe you did piss yourself, but you had drunk so much water that it was very diluted, and thus didn't smell and didn't show up on the detector.
could be that you drank so much water that your piss was diluted, so it would not show up under a blacklight?

^^ get out of my head lol
your cat maybe slept on you, causing you to get hot in one spot in particular. you sweated.

mystery solved!
That was extremely fun to read, good sir. I applaud you!
Your cat gave you a blowjob and you sweated like a donkey in Mexico.
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