Sweet, I was waiting for this.
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Wow...just wow

A clapstack? My life is complete.
Sounds fun buddy
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i got rickrolled, and why would somebody report for that
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Roll rick. I certainly hope that some retard buys this **** and post's youtube videos of himself showing his "skills." Haha! I'd laugh for sure!

It's not real though, is it?

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That is the weirdest internet phenomena ever. =/

I laugh at that video every time, though.
And I mean that in the best possible way.
that said I did find a video where they talked about it, but there was no real detail or anything. I'm guessing this'll be just something thats confined to Japan
never gunna give you up... never gunna let you down... lol gets me every time.. fukin sexy ass glasses tho with that red hair... gawd daam