I cant say how great they are since I've never worked with them but I will say this, the more you spend on drum mics, the better.

Snares and toms - Shure SM57s
Kick - Shure Beta 52A
Overheads - Rode NT5 (matched pair)

You could easily spend $1000 on drum mics but as I said, the more you spend, the better quality you get.
I've also never used those, but I would advise you not to buy them. They are a no name brand, and you just get 5 dynamic mics for $455. This leaves you with no overheads. If you're new to recording, I'd suggest looking at CAD mic packages. I think you can get one for that price that includes overheads, kick, snare, and 3 tom mics. (it might not have a snare though, in which case a 57 or a cheap knock-off can work good). If you're not new to recording, I'd look at buying your drum mics individually. Personally, I'd go for an SM57(or 2) for the snare, AKG D112 for the kick, Sennheiser E604's for the toms, and there's a wide variety of good mics that you can get for overheads, but I'd go with AKG C451s or Neumann KM184s.

Anyways, that's a bit more information than you were looking for, but if you let us know your recording needs and your budget, we can help you more specifically.
hmmm... well i was gonna use some mics for gigging and maybe home recording (im sort of making a home recording studio over the next year or so) so anything under 700 id be interested in.