This song made my friend...its really Experemental
I made only drums...C4C! plz

And dont speak WataF..ck!=)
War Is Over
(If You Want It)


Accordion Muse S 384-K
Seems kind of amateur in my opinion. Maybe it's just the sound he was aiming for, but that's all i can really add.The D#sus2 was nice mind you.

Oh and compliments on the drums.

Overall though it just sounded like it was put together really fast. Nothing grabbed my interest, say it were in a bands album it'd probably be a filler track, or the one I skip. Don't mean to sound to harsh.
I agree with Regression...
It sounds like a beginner wrote it. I'm all for experimental stuff (see half of my songs lol), but the piano part was poorly written. It never changed. I made it through the first guitar part, but then I had to close the tab.

I did like how it gave off a very creepy atmosphere. And the drums were great. The background parts were okay. But that's about all I can say for it.