I am thinking of a mod kit for my VJ just for something to do. I already have a Bad Monkey and ****ty effects pedal. Will the following mod not make much difference to my setup? Also, I have a soldering iron but no electrical knowledge - any chance I will **** up my amp? From the description:

Vox-ish – think Vox AC30 Brit pop.

Fender-ish – think clean and bright

Marshall-ish – think warm and full

5 Capacitors – choose between metalized polyester and Orange Drop 715P capacitors to achieve your desired sound.

Over 15 Carbon film, carbon composition and metal film resistors (a range of values to enable a variety of tones and level of overdrive to be obtained)

A 10 W ceramic resistor with lead, heatshrink tube and alligator clips to facilitate safe discharge of power capacitors

Written resources to help you work safely on this valve amplifier and how to modify the EVJ to achieve the sound you want.
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go for it. i did mine with no real soldering experience and i now have a much louder, nicr sounding amp.
Thank you please.