Poll: So what style do you use?
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View poll results: So what style do you use?
Alternate picking
47 39%
Economy picking
20 17%
Hybrid picking
12 10%
Stictly down picking
15 13%
I never use a pick/other (specify in post)
25 21%
Voters: 119.
Yes I searched, but wanted to see some statistics and there wasn't a thread with a poll.

So yeah, just out of curiosity.
I try to use alternate picking as much as possible, but normally I use economy picking. I use down picking as well though, and also hybrid picking when I have to. I guess economy picking is my main style of using the pick...
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Damn. You know you're gonna get 99.9% of responses from guitar forum morons who link in from the front page. The results of this thread are useless.

However, that said, as a person who knows what forum they're in, I pretty much always alternate pick. My licks don't really require economy picking.
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Dammit! I economy, hybrid and alternate.

I can't choose all three. So I'm not choosing. Meanie
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ok im a noob.. whats economy and hybrid?? like Sly Taco asked..
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Hybrid, no idea. Economy is like raking with a pick, but both ways. For example, play three notes per string, down/up/down. On the third note, the downstroke, also downstroke to hit the first of three notes on the second string, up again, and down, hitting the third note of the string you're on followed by the first note on the next string. Dig?
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
I don't normally use a pick, but when I do, it is mostly economy picking.

Hybrid picking is using a pick and your fingers together.
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Rarely use a pick but when i do its mostly economic picking.
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Hybrid picking is basically when you pluck the E and A strings with a pick and the D and G with your fingers. It's pretty rare with bassists, though I've seen some playing that style.

I myself play economy. Even if your playing doesn't require the speed, isn't it still much easier to just rake the strings?
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Rarely use a pick but when i do its mostly economic picking.

What, do you make money when you pick? lol

I use economy picking. I find it kinda wierd to hybrid. And I hate to down pick.
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but i used to do just downwards for the sound
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I usually upstroke. it's easier, somehow...
when I need speed I use alternate.

what do I vote in the poll? no upstrokers thing?
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If youre doing 3 or 4 string jumps at speed then economy picking is the way to go.

Not to mention im a lazy sod so why put in all the extra effort and do alternate picking?

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Mostly alt. for me, but I'll also down as well, depends if I'm playing punk or going for a softer tone compared to my fingers. Mostly fingers tho 90% of the time
I generally only use a pick when I'm trying to play Tool's stuff. I dunno what his technique is considered.
I usually play with fingers but when I use a pick I usually Alternate Pick.
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Depending on how fast im playing

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Mostly alternate for me (so I voted on that option) but sometimes economy as well. And sometimes downstrokes. And sometimes tremolo (wich is not listed here maybe because it's basically alternate)
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Either economy or down when I use a pick...haven't played bass with a pick for ages though.
Mostly alternate picking, but it all depends on the speed I have to play. For a deep solid and chunky sound I favour downpicking to alternate picking. Also, if it is slower downpicking feels more practical and vise-versa. Just need to buy myself some more picks now, as mine have all disappeared.
I regularly use a pick, almost as much as I use my fingers. I use all the above techniques, often in the same song. I accent stacatto parts with all downpicking, smooth flowing parts with economy, snappy, rapidfire runs with alternate. I use hybrid picking for when I'm playing passages that are quite fingerstyle-guitar-like, but I want definition on the low notes. Play the bassline with the pick, pluck a melody on the higher strings with fingers.

To really get a good pick technique, you've got to know when each technique should be used and be able to use them.
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Even though I played guitar for years, I find using a pick on bass very awkward. So I never use a pick. Building up the same speed with your fingers is a lot of work but worth it.
I'm actually a guitarist venturing into bass, so I use alt-picking.
It's hell on my wrist. I might try the Jason Newsted method (I heard somewhere that he actually starts his attack from the shoulder).
I usually alternate, but I use downpicking when its a really steady rhythm.
All of the above! It just depends what the song calls for. I think everyone should be comfortable with all of it.
I occasionaly play bass with a pick and im pretty useless with it, but i try to alternate pick if i do use one. Mainly I play fingerstyle, and sometimes "play" guitar fingerstyle too.

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I've found myself using a pick very often, although I still alternate between fingers and pick regularly. I usually downpick unless the song I'm playing is way too fast for me to only downpick, in which I use alternate. I kind of suck at alternate picking right now though, so I'm working on it using all types of songs.
when i use a pick i alternate pick but when i use my fingers i tend to do alot of sweeps
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Alternate, although, I use down for certain songs... yes, i'm a pick player (as my fingers suck!).
I used to do only upstrokes when I first started, now I use alternate picking pretty much all of the time.
Is there a correct way to pick? I don't mean of the four options, but rather the technique of picking. When I started to use a pick I'd rest my whole hand behind the bridge and alternate. Now I try to hover my picking hand right over the pick-up, which sounds better but I can't play as fast or as accurately(yet). Is one or the other right, or is there a superior method that I am unaware of?