Ok this is the same model guitar, Ive been scouring the net for 2 weeks for this and 2 come up at once.

Guitar A:

Its at buy it now for £400 +£40 shipping. The auction never ends. Its from Poland, feedback is like 100% from 800 odd sell/buys. The auction has lots of pics of the guitar showing every detail and a huge description of the guitar.

Guitar B:

Its bidding at 113 Euro + 60 Euro shipping. 6 days left. From Italy, feedback is 100% from 27 buy/sell. The pics on the auction are small and abit grainy, with small description. But the seller says its

"Without a scratch, fully functioning "

What do you think, my gut instinct says to go with Guitar B, because if I win the bid its one hell of a bargin.
Tell me, are you in the UK? Cos buying anything from abroad over £18 WILL result in tax on whatever you buy before HMRC will let you have it. You have been warned.

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Otherwise, I'd go with not only feedback, but with Paypal insurance. Remember to always use Paypal, as money can be traced with it, especially overseas.
So, as long as the Polish seller takes Paypal, I'd personally be willing to shell out that extra bit more to ensure I've got the product, and also with 100% positive feedback from 800+ sales, that'd reassure me enough to buy from them. And Italy IS a bit far off to buy things from.

Ibanez S470
Laney HCM30R
Digitech GNX3000
And Italy IS a bit far off to buy things from.

Erm poland and italy are like the same distance from the UK. Also if buying within the EU, does HRMC charge tax??

Anyhoo, ask the italian seller for better pictures, my experience with ebay is none but that'd be my move.
buying an guitar on ebay isn't the best idea....
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If the seller is genuine, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind buyers requesting for good sized pictures of crucial areas like neck joint, headstocks, serial numbers, cracks etc.

Also ask several questions regarding the guitar's condition, they should be happy to email back.
Yep am from the UK. The guitar is not made any more so can only be bought used.
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Its one of my dream guitars and really would like to add to my collection.