maybe this is nonsense

but i just wanna know

how old is UG?
Bit more info

Ultimate Guitar Archive was started on October 9th, 1998 by Eugeny Naidenov (aka zappp) - a student of economic faculty of Kaliningrad State University, Russia. The first title of the site was Zappp`s Guitar Archive and it had just a handful amount of guitar tabs by 10 artists ...though it was started just as a home page!

As the site grew, interest to the site from guitar enthusiasts grew as well. In 2002 we've registered ultimate-guitar.com domain name and slowly started to build our own database of guitar and bass tabs. Till 2003 Ultimate-Guitar.Com was nothing more than a public library of over 20,000 tabs. In 2003, we've significantly improved the site with a number of unique (by that period!) features, like user profiles, quite fast and accurate tabs database search and tab favorites. By that time we've launched Ultimate Guitar Forum which has became one of the coolest things on the site with over 2 million overall messages posted and over 200,000 members registered!

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It has been here since the beginning of mankind, we just discovered it a couple of years ago.
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isn't it wikipedia is off limits to UGers?

I think that if you edit the Wiki entry and fill it full of shit then you can get warned/banned, but there's nothing to physically stop you.
It's as old as your mum, minus your age, minus the age you mum was when she gave birth to you, plus 9 years.
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Those origins are just a cover story. The real deal?

*Looks around*

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It's as old as your mum, minus your age, minus the age you mum was when she gave birth to you, plus 9 years.

So the site's 60 years old?

o wait, i c

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since pre-historic times.
hence the term; 'ug'.

like teh cavemenz0rz.
yes, yes it is nonsense.
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