Before I bought an amp, I could plug my guitar directly into the computer's Line In port using an adapter and hear myself playing without a problem. I also didn't use any programs; I just plugged it in and could hear it straight away. But why won't the setup below work?

Guitar > Amplifier > Line In

I've tried plugging it in the microphone port but I still don't hear a thing. I've also switched the recording settings in Windows Volume Control.

Btw, the blue input is actually the Line In port right?
what i do for recording is plug my effects pedal directly into my line in port, like you did. but i'm not sure if it'll work through the amp. i've never tried before

by the way, i like your avatar. is he juggling chicken legs?
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But anyway, I've decided to just record some videos with a camera instead of recording the audio and video separately. So just let this thread die. I don't even know why I thought I had to do it separately.....
what output are you using for the amp?
Dont use any speaker out...
a line out or record out should work into the blue line in port without much trouble.

turn down the volume so you dont clip.
Audacity is easy to run and works well..

Video camera mics are very "hot" so dont play your amp too loud, youll clip and all...