I have a Carvin BelAir 212 and a Boss GT-10. I was wondering what would be the best way to hook these up, to get the highest quality sound. Thanks.
Plug it in?

Really, I don't understand the question. If you mean use the effect loops or the frontend only you can find out.
If you want to bypass the belair's preamp and just use the gt-10's, plug the gt-10's output into the "power amp in" on the amp and plug the guitar straight into the gt-10. If you want to use the carvin's preamp, you can run the gt-10 as a dedicated effects processor in the belair's preamp. Do this by plugging straight into the Belair, and run a cable from the "preamp out" jack into the input of the gt-10, then run another cable from the gt-10's output into the "poweramp in" jack on the belair.

There's also a technique known as the "4 cable method" that is yet another option. Here is a guide that will explain/demonstrate how to do it.
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