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Indescribable texture
Shapes shifting with mood
And undeniable pleasure
And a shadow unknowingly intrudes.
Taking away my space
Wrapping around my mind

The copper stained mouth sets and unmatchable pace
The contents will explode,
Although it’s not a race
Or a march
To a valiant decline
Can it be a cliff?
Or and overhang in time?

Past collides with future
Exchanging ghost stories as they pass
The magnified people
Hold their sides and start to laugh.

Past, present, future
I live in neither one
Now, here, forever
There’s no where else to run

To the vacuum I could crawl
And try to stretch to endless walls
And I’d find nothing
Or maybe hit a wall
And if I found something
It wouldn’t be anyone at all

My hands can’t break the fourth wall
I cannot travel time, but in my head
I spin the thread,
A path woven with my mind
I’m lost, and found all in the same room
In the light in shadow
In the sun of the afternoon
Tongues will twist
Lie in death, our tomb.
Melted away, begin again
The cycle will not resume.
Can you be as my God am?
Wow I just imagined this would sound really great screamed

The pacing of the words fit just right. So is the word choice

I really like it.

skremo xD
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
Iunno 'bout the screamo part...

But it is a great poem, to be honest. And it would make a great song as well. Reminds me of Tool, actually.