I have a BOSS ME-50 Multi-Effect Pedal in PERFECT condition, with the BOSS PSA-120T (the standard BOSS pedal power adaptor) that you usually have to buy extra for $20, but I have no need for it, so I'll throw it in so you're ready to rock!

This is in amazing condition, and sounds incredible. I used it just a few times at home, but I don't really need it, and need to downsize my gear. My main purpose of this was to have the ability to dial in either a DS-1, MT-2 or Tubescreamer distortion at a turn of a knob, and get built-in BOSS noise supression (basically an NS-2) and a digital delay (basically their DD-2), all in one great box. I tried it in front of my tube amp at home, as well as in front of a friend's solid-state, and both sounded amazingly good, no different than all of the individual pedals but at a fraction of the cost, and you only need one power adapter to boot!

I'm looking for $200 + actual shipping (I'll get the exact amount after we have a deal, but figure around $10-15), US sales only, I prefer paypal so I'll cover the paypal fee and not add that to the price. I have this listed locally in Chicago as well, so it's first-come first-served. I would consider trade + cash or trade + my GT-8 towards a GT-10, but I don't really need much else (OK, if you want to work out a deal for your Mesa or Marshall 1x12, I'm willing to listen)