I have a '97 Gibson Les Paul Studio in good cosmetic condition, but there's a crack on the bottom of the headstock that was repaired. Some guy wants to trade it for his Ibanez RG570EX, plus a hundred and fifty bucks top-up. Should I do this trade?
I play mostly metal and hard rock, if that's a consideration as to which one I should use, but mostly I'm concerned with which guitar is worth more.
Ask him to up it to 250 and you got a deal.
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I wouldn't even do that if I where serious about playing, that's a major downgrade in quality.
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I don't think you should swap. If the guitar still plays as before, its the same guitar except with a bit of history on it now.
Gibson Studio vs Japanese Ibanez? Not much of a difference quality wise, if anything the Ibanez will shade it and they're worth about the same, the Gibson maybe a bit more. If he wants to give you 150 plus the Ibanez and it'll suit you better then it's worth doing.
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but its a giiiiiibson, if that was me I'll keep the gibson and save up for a new guitar
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but its a giiiiiibson, if that was me I'll keep the gibson and save up for a new guitar

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Personally I'd keep the studio - But that is me.
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Nope - not from me, anyways. I love Gibsons and would walk over hot coals to own one, especially a Les Paul.