First of all, it's not really switching between them because each one of them plays a certain type of music, and I'm not sticking with only one.
The thing is I've been playing acoustic for a few months, and I'm considering buying an electric guitar to vary my playing.
So what are the difficulties to be faced? Or is it easier? Would it take some time to be familiar with?

Any piece of information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
It'll take some getting used to , bot if your favourite artists use eletrics, then it's definitely the way to go!

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There is no difference between playing acoustic guitar and electric, It's not like your going from smoke on the water to flamenco, its the same instrument with the same basic structure. The only difference between the two is price, because your always going to want to upgrade your setup, whether its buying a new guitar, distortion pedal, or amplifier. It's not a big change so don't worry about it, but make no mistakes on picking out your equipment.
Generally an electric will have a lot lower action than an acoustic, so playing cords that you are comfortable with on an acoustic will be simple.

A "problem" I faced between the transition was I had a difficult time figuring out how to hold an electric, due to the body being about half the size.

Also electrics are a bit heavier, but thats no biggie.
yea the action is a lot lower for electric so it will be easier on your fingers. Also if you have a nylon string acoustic, the frets on an electric are smaller and it will be easier to play faster
I played acoustic for 6 months before I played my first electric guitar-
I really wanted an electric so I borrowed an amp and a Fender Telecaster(lol) from somebody, tried it out for a few months, then bought my own guitar.
So I recommend trying to borrow somebody's guitar for a little while before you invest.

But, it's actually a lot easier- the one thing that's difficult is that if you press too hard on the electric guitar strings, then they'll come out of tune. Electric guitar is MUCH easier on your fingers, but it's definitely an adjustment from acoustic.
Also, if you play electric more than acoustic, then switching back to playing acoustic will feel like hell on your fingers, so make sure to play acoustic often, too. =]
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They feel different. The typical acoustic neck is wider with the strings space a little further apart with higher action as the others have said. I play both electric and acoustic equally, I would say overall they are more simular than different.
Like others have said, overall the skillset required to play them is the same. I've noticed that it takes me a bit of adjustment when switching between the two. I'm still learning to play, and as a result I'm a bit sloppy with fingering my chords. I've found the acoustic to be more forgiving because of the wider string spacing. On the other hand, the thickness of the body makes it more difficult to see what I'm doing on the fretboard and strings.

I do enjoy having both types of guitars though. It makes my practicing much more interesting when I can switch guitars from time to time.