I have what seems like a big problem to me.
Whenever I improv. or write a solo, I always end up doing pentatonics and getting into a gross monotonous pattern. How do I avoid this?
How many positions of the minor pentatonic do you know?

I recently got into the same position then learnt all the minor pentatonic positions along the fret board, really opens up your playing.

Drop some notes from the minor scale in too.
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Use different scales. That's really all you can do. Learn or make use of more scales. There's plenty out there. Try coming up with riffs in those scales and apply them to your improvisation. I think what has happened is you are comfortable with the pentatonic scale so, you use it often because it feels familiar.
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learn different scales, try using arpeggios instead of playing scales (this doesn't necessarily require sweep picking), also mess around with phrasing and dynamics and things like that.
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