or screamo, or hardcore, or metal, Idk what genre we really are, but I'd say we're pretty much one of those, or a mix of them all. Broadcast Chaos bitch

Oh, and before you flame us for our fringes, listen to this:

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My new hero. Anyone willing to use lethal martial arts against hxc kids is amazing.

That's me

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my penis has a restraining order against me because i beat it

u can't really hear anything that's going on
my mp3 records clearer then this :p
I am never, ever going to listen to anything with the suffix "-core" ever again. It sounded like you were barfing on the microphone. I don't care if you're into it, but definitely not my thing.
Rule break?

Two threads containing the same thing.
Different titles.

So tired.

Ill check it out.

Quality recordings are usually good.

Whooaaaa guitar is way to hard to hear.

Singer needs work.
Like in every way.
His phrasing is pretty bad.

The changes arent good.
Practice them.


And improve guitar tone.

Screaming is abit meh.

Not crap.
But not good.

Get the drummer a metronome.

What are you recording with?

The drums sound pretty decently recorded.

The guitar tones a real let down.
Way to fuzzy and undefined.

Record with less gain and more mids.

Double, triple track the guitar etc.

Hate your band photos aswell.
Look to sad.
And whiney.

Try to be more hardcore.
As lame as it sounds.
Look tougher.
Not scared.


Everyone should get lessons.

And metronomes.
that was good stuff man, what im aiming for

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for one does not simply walk in to a spinning propeller

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Buckethead is the meaning of awesome
I think that it's pretty good timing needs a little work and guitars need to be louder, but otherwise nice work.
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