the Ibanez is about 50 bucks more, and im looking for a guitar with great playability i know the ibanez has that cause i tried it, but nobody carries this PRS, and with the Tremelo on the PRS i dont know how well it will stay in tune (looking for guitar with trem). The Ibanez has a locking system on it. if theirs anyone out their with either of these please give me your 2 cents about them....thanks
I've always been very unimpressed by the PRS SE series. I might consider them if they were half the price, but at $600, the Custom is WAY overpriced.
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If you plan on going crazy with the trem, just get the ibanez. If you want a big beefy tone monster, go for the se custom.
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I'd recomend one of those Ibanez Les Paul copies or if you find an old Sc or Sz series (the ones with the fixed bridge). The new SZR has a great beefy tone too, but it's quite ugly i must say and somewhat uncomfortable due to it's size, though try it out. As for anything in the SE series by PRS, they are good instruments though for the pickups and general features they are way overpriced (for the custom a carved top could have been added at that price). If you really like that style of body though keep an eye on the ESP Horizon and Schecter C series, they have that PRS SE Custome/Ibanez S body style but with far more features and high end electronics and the choice of fixed bridge or floyd rose, coming at roughly the same price.

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