Update: I got around to recording with a cheap mic I found on my Martin Acoustic, it sounds much better quality wise and I make fewer mistakes

I still don't play it true to the song. I learned it differently, but I play it how I mean to play it, lol.

If anyone wants a crit back just leave me a comment and I'll get to it

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haha, like the title says. I have no mic, so here's the deal. This is recorded from an esp ltd w/ EMG 81/85 into a solidstate marshall avt50, and then from the marshall's emulated line out to the computer sound card. So imagine what it might sound like. That all said, I sorta rushed through this, and i don't play it too faithfully to the song.

But i'm not ashamed to post it, and i'll give feedback to anyone else too


left a comment on yours, great song!

pwrmax- I've messed around with a bit, even tried using a pick and distortion, maybe someday something will come out of it, haha. I have a martin acoustic I like to play it on more than anything else, but I have no mic yet lol. I want to make an acoustic version with programmed drums next I guess.
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That's not bad quality audio. It's pretty good for something that's rushed, try to incorporate some thing you can do with electric instead of playing note for note like harmonics. A little distortion might help but don't go too far or it's not going to sound good. This would sound pretty good played by a full band.
I didn't want to start a whole new post, but I got a new version I recorded with a mic and my acoustic, check it out if ya want:

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I'm much more pleased with this recording, and I will c4c anyone so feel free to comment.