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Hey there. Does anyone know of any bands that have been giving their albums for free? I know Radiohead, Harvey Danger and Heathen have done this, but does anyone know of any others? Thanks
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NIN...Not many others.
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Metallica's going to start doing that soon.
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Saul williams gave Ziggy Tardust for free, NIN gave the slip and the first part of Ghosts I think.
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Saul Williams was doing it. But then he stopped. You gotta pay now.
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Metallica's going to start doing that soon.

I can't tell if that's a joke or hypocrisy at its best.

Check the music section at the Internet Archive, tons of live and studio stuff on there from what I remember.
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NIN...Not many others.

Actually you'd be surprised. There are a lot of bands and artists allowing their music for free download.

The Pax Cecilia: You can download their album 'Blessed Are The Bonds' for free.
Genre: Post-Metal/ Experimental

Voodoo Economics: You can download their album 'If : Then: Iminami' for free.
Genre: Alternative/ Progressive Rock (Very similar to Radiohead)

Implex Grace: You can download the album 'Through Luminescent Passages I' for free.
Genre: Ambient Noise

Locust Toybox: You can download all of the albums for free.
Genre: IDM/ Trip Hop/ Ambient
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Nine Inch Nails have an album for download on their website, as does John Frusciante.

Which album is on John's site? And whereabouts is it on the page?
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You can download Defiance, Ohio's entire discography for free on their website.
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gibson's website has a bunch of free music from featured artist's
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Too bad they havent made anything worth buying/downloading since AJFA...
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I didn't know Harvey Danger had free downloads.

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Dawn of Tears has an album on their site to download for free. Good album too.
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I don't really know if you like deathcore (barely like it myself), but a band called "Death on Earth" have a free album up.
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The Smashing Pumpkins Machina 2 is free on the internet and its...well better than the original Machina
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Which album is on John's site? And whereabouts is it on the page?

You can get acoustic demos for Shadows Collide With People and an exclusive internet album he released.
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^ Thanks for that. I just downloaded it and am enjoying it muchly
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I assume you'll have this already but

Scream's discography.
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