So i've had my squire p bass a year and its starting to fall apart on me. I'm looking for a MIM jazz, but i am very particular about the finish and specs.

I need it to have a cherry sunburst finish, and a maple fretboard. I saw a used one with the finish but a rosewood fretboard at GC, but it had electronics issues. I can't seem to find this combination on the Fender site or musicians friend, but i've seen them before.

I can't get to GC immediately due to a local storm that has really ****ed up traffic, but before i just start asking the GC employees a million questions trying to find this bass, what would you guys suggest?
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MIM Jazzes do not come with maple necks or a cherry burst colour as standard, however, MIA Jazzes do.
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I suggest you ask them. If you are that particular (not a bad thing), a store will be the easiest way to get the bass. However, if Fender doesn't make a MIM jazz w/maple fretboard and cherry sunburst, ebay is your best bet.
If you really must have a J with those specs, I would check out Warmoth and make it yourself kinda. Im pretty sure that Fender doesnt make MIM basses with maple necks or a finish like that.
Thank you guys, i think a warmoth is out of the question but an American is just a matter of getting the money. Could someone post a link to an American with the set up?

Thanks in advance
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This is as close as i could find it:

Unfortunately it has a rosewood neck.

The Maple neck is not hard to find for fender but the coloration AND Maple neck is.

Or you get something like this from the custom shop:
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well i've seen the body on a Mexican at GC, who knows, could it be possible to get them separately?
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well i've seen the body on a Mexican at GC, who knows, could it be possible to get them separately?

With no knowledge of instruments, this quote is quite hilarious.

But to answer your question, yes, but you may end up spending more than you intended too in a hurry. The neck wouldn't be too hard to find, but you would have to make sure you get a good one, which will be a bit more expensive.

The body may cause you a bit more trouble if you are looking for a straight MIM with that color. Actually scratch that, I don't think you'll be able to get an ACTUAL MIM Fender with those specs, because people wouldn't buy MIM's simply to sell them. Well, smart people wouldn't.
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good luck!
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