I've been trying to learn barre chords, but it seems that the first fret of my guitar is unusually difficult to hold down with my index finger.
Is was thinking maybe it's a truss rod problem, but I don't know I've only been playing for about 1,5 month.
i think when i started playing it was always harder to hold down at the first fret, i doubt its a truss rod problem.
i think its because the strings are nearer to the nut.
it's a little bit early for barre chords , but the only solution is : practice practice practice...
Its just a matter of finger strength.....
The first fret will seem harder to push down because its so close to the nut.
If it really becomes a problem, they sell little devices on musicians friend to increase finger strength...
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First fret is tough with barre chords. Especially on the acoustic. If you aren't having problems with the individual notes, by themselves, not in a barre chord, then there's probably nothing wrong.

Like Xaveir said...there are those little finger strengthening devices, THOSE ARE AWESOME!!! They work for boxing too...hehe.
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