There isn't a direct formula, but I'm guessing you're talking about a Valve Junior or something similar. Volume-wise it's awkwardly too loud for bedroom practice but too soft for any kind of band practice or gigging, unless you mic it up.
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I'm guessing you meant 5 watts, which is equal to 5 watts.

Audiably its about 15 watt ss. But its still exactly the same wattage.

yeah i meant 5 sorry. and i also meant audibly. Im rather new to the tube world and was wondering how the two audibly compare as far as volume goes
Tube is meant to be (Please note this not true but a comparison type thing and only to the human ear) twice as many watts as SS. However you need 10 times the amount of watts to get double the volume. So work it out for yourself. (Cough not because I can't though.....)
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It is the same Wattage. The ear just percieves more harmonic textures produced by tubes, thats why they sound louder.
If you crank a 5w tube amp, its gonna end up being about 15w or 20w SS. So really, its not loud enough for a band practice, but too loud overdriven for your bedroom.
I found my Valve Junior PLENTY loud for a band practice, and even cleans, but not gigging. It's also way too loud for home.
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