Can someone please tab this lesson from Paul Gilbert? Just the 'easy' thing would be great. I know it's easy but I really suck at tabbing things out by myself. I can figure out the second part, his 'famous' lick. If you could just put the tab in a response, it would be awesome

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I was nearly gonna tab it out but im not sure which part you are talking about, do you mean the one where he plays the simplified pattern on the 5th position with out string skips.

If thats what you mean then
B-------8-6-5---5 6-8-------------- 8------------------8

Thats it more or less, sry for the crappy tab.

If you look at scarified you can see a good example of the rhythm and the amount of notes in that lick cause he uses the string skipped version on that song.

Good luck, its a fun lick
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