The local acoustic music shop near me has a very nice 1985 Guild acoustic for sale for round $600. Its a used guitar so naturally the sound is very matured and deep, and the fretboard is very comfortable (i.e. not overplayed but played just enough to be very comfy on the fingers and fast to play.

It looks like a very expensive guitar if it was new. Looks like a $1,200 just from judging the hardware and the headstock inlay.

My question is: does anyone have any experience with Guilds and, in particular, this era of guild acoustic?

I'd appreciate your help!
I'm a fan of 70s Guilds and not much else after. The bottom line is do you like it enough to pay $600 for it. Guarantee that it's not going to just fall apart or anything the minute you get it. That, and you're not giving us much to go on. Guild makes a lot of guitars, so we don't really just just which one you're looking at.

Weighing the options, if you like it, I'd say go for it.
Sincerely, Chad.
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Get the model for sure, but even if it's one of the lower end Guilds of that era (westerly RI made) and it's in good shape, that's a good deal.

Just make sure you look for all the signs of potential problems with a 20+ year old guitar...
Any Guild's a keeper as a long as it doesn't have any problems. Being a Westerly it will fetch a decent price on the market.
like other people have said. inspect it first. if it's in good shape then you should definitely go for it. if it sounds as beautiful and plays as comfy as you say then it's a good deal.
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