i Was planning on getting a black jack atx during the summer. but how ever as i kept doing research and playing it in stores. i kinda of lost interest and notice only the blackout pups the only special featured parts. so i went back on the google and see what other guitars are similiar to the blackjack in tone and price range.

i heard the jackson soloist have a good reputation. so i'm planning on checking that out. does anyone else have any other guitars in mind thats in the price range? like esp and etc
I personally love the ATX, if feels great, and is rather light as well.

I would say get it your interested.

i mean blackouts are the only special feature?

get the FR of 7 string model, but i dont know what you want.. do you want your guitar to have midi controlled stuff and again switch a CHaos pad or what ever??

And tone wise the schecter would be about the same as another guitar with blackouts.

active design, so while it feels more organic then say emgs, it still decides the tone more so then say the wood.
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