Hi, Im woundering if anyone could advise me on what effects pedal to get for the effects like Matt bellemy from muse uses, like in Knights of cydonia and supermassive black hole.

Im currently using a MG30DFX and a Epiphone les paul custom, i have no effects pedals at all =]

Thanks you.
ull need something that featured a rotary, fuzz, flange, phase what ya need to do is find a site, possibly his website where it has his gear, check out what pedal he uses then get that or a dumbed down version of that

but trying to emulate muse is no easy feat
So with the POD Xt pro i would be able to get a good muse sound, and loads of other bands too? like avenged sevenfold to blink 182?

And would it be worth getting one, because i only play guitar for enjoyment not in a band or anything serious =] but i want some cool effects to play around with.

Or what bout just getting a Line 6 Pod XT instead of the pro version
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its completly up to u if u want the pedal, but it is still fun and opens up a new world of enjoyment,

Check out the one before the pro version, cause i havent used that one but the pod does emulate a few good bands

but also the GNX 4 by digitech

i advice just go to your store and play with one for about half an hour they let u cause it is a lot of money
I'm selling a Boss Gt-8 which is my favorite multieffect, besides the TC electronic ones that cost over 1000 dollars. It can do everything you need at a good price. Shoot me a PM if you're interested, and I can explain more to you.
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Matt Bellamy actually has a POD XT PRO. That and a POD PRO. If you go on http://www.musewiki.org you can see his gear. He uses both those on the album Absolution and you could get good sounds out of them.