well a couple days ago i went to a local music store and tested out some amps and guitars.
first i tried an epiphone explorer through a crate 15 watt tube(not sure exactly which one) they both played fairly well. the only problem with the explorer was that it was awkward trying to play sitting down. the amp was alright and definitely sounded better than what i own. next i tried a three pickup alpine white sg and would say that this is a great guitar. not as neck heavy as my sg because it has the third pickup. played beautifully and sounded great.
next i tried a Peavey windsor 20 watts i think. this amp was much better than the crate and was much easier to get a great clean sound from. i played an epiphone dot through it and had a wonderful time. it was very nice to play on and i loved the clean sound that came through it.
next i tried a epiphone sg through a peavey valveking 112
i was blown away. this had a great clean sound and a good lead sound. i played some crazy train on the lead channel and it sounded great. i am definetely looking forward to getting enough money for a new amp because i have made my mind on what i'm going to get. a peavey valveking!!!

i also went in to an area i wasn't supposed to and got to fool around on 3000 dollar+ guitars but not through an amp. and played on a custom fender jazzmaster that was super cool!!! woohoo
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i don't think jazzmasters are 3000 dollars
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