Guys can you give an opinion on what acoustic guitar to buy. I want it to be an elite one since ive been playing for some time and i am kinda advanced in my playing ( im not bragging ). Anyways im leaning towards takamine's nashville series tnv 460 and tnv 760. Both are cutaways and are full solid with a cool tube pre amp. Im looking at this since it is quite affordable and its playability is superb. Any other opinions are welcomed and please do not recommend acoustic guitar tat are absuurdly expensive. Thx Ug guys
well for that much money that are a lot of nice guitars you could buy.

Just go play everything and find what you like.
^--- absolutely agreed.

i do like those takamines. but i also like a lot of other guitars for $3000 or less. go to guitar center or your nearest shop and play what they have. if you like the takamine nashville series the best after you've tried many others, go for it. i don't think you will be disappointed at all.
If you want opinions on those particular models, try posting on the Takamine forums?


Of course, in any brand specific forum you might encounter some bias, but you'll have a better chance of bumping into someone who has actually played both of those.