Just got my B-52 AT112 2 days ago and a Coffin Case Blood Drive today. The B-52 has great warm cleans and enough face melting gain to satisfy my needs. Its super versital for the $600 I paid for it new. This amp will last me awhile... The Blood Drive is a true bypass OD/Dist that has a good amount of fat gain and a very organic sound. Its not digital sounding at all and sounds very good on my clean channel to give it some bite. All in all Im super pleased with my buys.
congrats on the amp man!!!! I like the B52 amps..... I have heard them referred to as the "poor mans Rectifier"..... not sure I agree with that (I've owned a Dual Rec... 2 channel and 3 channel version... along with the Tremoverb)..... but for the price I think they deliver a solid product!!!!

Oh! and the OD sounds cool... but don't get hung up on "true bypass"... it's more of a marketing thing than anything else.....
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Some clips would be great! I've been curious about the Blood Drive as well. I know John 5 uses it on his latest CD and I love the tone, but I'd like to hear some live recordings.
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