it found an error or w/e. i have no idea what it is.i looked it up and it said nothing. has anybody else seen or had or heard of this before?

i looked in the avg encyclopedia 'top threats' i apparently have the 'Trojan Horse Agent .WDC' but this is what the avg said. i dont have the Trojan Downloader.Agent.UZM tho?

"Trojan Downloader.Agent.UZM
A new Trojan Downloader was spammed today. Trojan is attached in zip archive to emails in HTML format with subject "Hot game" and body text that claims some Angelina Jolie or Lara Croft undressing game. xgame.zip attachment contains xgame.exe (20992B) which drops executes and deletes kernel driver C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\runtime.sys and downloads another downloader smartdrv.exe. runtime.sys runs injects and hides Iexplore.exe process and downloads another components. xgame.exe is detected as Trojan Downloader.Agent.UZM, smartdrv.exe is detected as Trojan "

thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

EDIT: no i havent been looking at pr0nzorz, my pc Doesnt have 'Teh Aidz', and i never played the undress game
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Trojans can infect Macs as well
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Mac=no virus

windows+microsoft+Bill Gates=FAIL

Mac fanboys=FAIL

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Mac=no virus

windows+microsoft+Bill Gates=FAIL

Oh get out, nobody wants to hear your Mac bullshit, if you're not going to help then why post?
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You should wipe your entire PC mate, and start it a fresh.

Or get a Mac, like I did and many others did too.
I've purposely tried to install trojans on my mac and nothing happened still running strong with all my files since forever
I've *reported* everybody posting Mac > PC spam. It's ridiculous people. Somebody comes here for help, and you fill his thread with useless fanboyisms instead of providing any help.

As for you TS, run a full system scan with AVG, and see what happens. It'll probably open a box with the words "Threat Detected!" in it. It'll then ask you what you want to do with the virus.

The options will be "Delete" "Clean [infected file]" or "Quarantine". It may not let you do one or the other, but I'd try them in that order. Sometimes a file needs to be moved top quarantine before it is deleted.

Don't panic too much yet though. A trojan may not be THAT devastating to your system!