One of my big summer plans is to overhaul the 70's Traynor I have with new speakers, and (hopefully) new Tolex and a new grille. At the very least speakers and grill. I'm looking for a tight, crunchy British sound. It's a closed back 4x12, but has open back properties due to having a lot of room between the speaker and the back, and the speakers are just mounted to a big piece of plywood (?). I'm looking to have a max handling of about 200 watts to cover any future amp purchases.

My budget is about $450, but I could stretch it if I had good reason. I play a lot of 80's hair, though also do classic rock from time to time and heavy metal. My current considerations are Celestion V30s, G12M-25, Eminence The Governor and Man 'o Wars. Alternatively, I'm looking at Warehouse Speakers. I know they are Made in China, but I've heard a lot of good things. So any suggestions?
try warehouse speakers i just bought 8 veteran 30's for my cabs and they sound great.
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