so, i have medium sized hands, they're not small because they have enough reach, but my fingers are fat, and they get in the way of each other when im playing a chord, or picking. I dont know what to do, also, i broke my wrist a couple years back, and i dont know if that might also have anything to do with my inability to change or play quickly without having my fingers getting in the way of each other. Does anyone else suffer from this "impairment"? Cause im constantly getting pissed at myself
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
Ooh don't worry, plenty of great guitarist with sausages in stead of fingers. Just practice, practice, practice.
no, i have fat fingers and have no trouble.

two things, develop your own comfortable stlye that works, and then practise it loads.
dunno about ur guitar but if u need to use a phone try using a dialing wand
My singer has this same mental block that since he is a plus sized guy that he needs a plus size guitar. But there are plenty of oversized guitarists out there that have no problem. Just keep practicing and learn what works for you, don't be afraid to think outside the box.
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Ooh don't worry, plenty of great guitarist with sausages in stead of fingers. Just practice, practice, practice.

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yeah.. i have reallllllly skinny but long fingers broke one of them and the bone is floating around in there which makes just one fo them look fat.... but yeah im fine with it.
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My uncle weighs about 350 lbs and he has huge sausage fingers, he plays faster than me! Check out Johnny Hiland, hes a fast playing big boy!
im not fat or anything, im actually kinda built, its just that my fingers are like that to begin with, like their bone structure is thick. But yeah i would assume practicing is the way to go, I just recently started playing again since im done school for the summer, and i get pissed off everytime i hold the guitar, mainly because im rusty i guess.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
i have decent fingers, but when its cool outside one day and it gets warm the next, my body retains water and it affects my playing.
i used to think that because i don't have big hands and long fingers in couldn't play anytthing but an ibanez, now i know i can play a les paul with no trouble

all you really need is to get better, how long have you been playing?

my fingers are skinny but for around the first 8 months they seemed to just get in the way of each other but i developed speed and accuracy and now they move much better

btw check out this guy, he has sausage fingers and he shreds like a mother
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Oh I'm not trying to say your fat we are just trying to say big fingers aren't a problem if you practice all the time. As for your broken hand that is now healed you will probably have arthritis and you just have to live with the pain. I broke my knuckle punching someone in the face and now I have arthritis LOL My hand gets really sore when I play but that doesn't stop me!
when people say they can't play guitar well because they have stubby fingers, they're just finding excuses, i have stubby fingers and i can play guitar just fine
No one mentions Michael Romeo? He has fatass fingers and can out shred most guitarists.
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