Ok so I am just wandering how expensive is the switch for a killswitch?I am going to build one into a box that runs to my cable that i can just stick from one guitar to the next depending on which i feel like playing.Also if I used suction cups to stick it on would it ruin my paint after a while?
there no more then $4, suction cups will fall off your guitar, and just install one in the guitar it will be better easier to use and everything! also, ultimate kill switch thread!
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you could just make one into your pedal line...

and also you thinking about doing it like this...


But a momentary on switch is like 2 or 3 bucks at radioshack. And it shouldn't mess up anything... i just wouldn't leave it on too long or you might get some rings or something from the suctioncups.
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i use sticky-tak. it works for pushbutton type killswitches. toggle really need to be drilled in the guitar. The sticky-tak leaves some residue on my guitar when i take it off, but it comes off easily with rubbing alcohol. My guitar has one of those clear gloss finishes on it, if you think that matters.

Also in my experience, radioshack has only one type of NC momentary, which break VERY easily (as if they were bought at a chinese dollar store. VERRY easily)

Can anyone lead me to which type of pushbutton is NC on mouser? off-(on), on - (off), (off) - on, or (on) - off?
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thanks for all the help and to post above i would put into guitar but i have 5 guitars and am always switching between so one on a cable that i can move from guitar to guitar is just alot less work and I dont feel like drilling in my guitar if no need to.Also if i use a clear plastic housing could i hookit up through led lights to have them blink to sound?or is this something I will have to attempt on my own and let you guys know how it comes out
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