If one was interseted in a possible career in sound engineering, where would one go for resources in this area?
You really need to be trained. Books and such can only do so much, you need hands on experience to learn how it's done. There are schools that offer courses. If you want in, you should try to establish a connection with someone who already has their foot in the door, and start out at the very bottom of the pile. Menial labour, then assisting, then engineering.

To clarify, you should still read up on stuff though, and get a bit of a base understanding.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
I have researched schools and programs but want more opinions. Would a degree from and acredited university or training in a trade program be best? Or would simple training at an internship or on the job be recomended? There is no doubt training is required but how does one go about choosing the best way to insure proper training and then a job?